Blog Note

Due to the dusty nature of this blog, and the fact that publishing anything on it is like singing in the closet with the light off, I’m not likely to keep using it. But if I start blogging somewhere else again I’ll note that here. For recent work check on my instagram and flickr feeds (links on the side).

Amity Creek

Amity Creek up the Seven Bridges Road (yes, there are seven bridges) tumbles down through a rolling rocky bed on the way to Lake Superior.


The Difference a Week Makes

Everyone, or it seems like everyone, has been out enjoying the moderate weather. We actually have tourists downtown, only one week after a severe storm. April is weird that way. Take it day by day. 


Cold and a Cold

Yes, we suffered a big storm this weekend that finished with a lovely day of snow and high winds. And... I have a cold, nothing extreme, more a hacky, sore throat annoyance. Still took the dog for a walk this afternoon...


Never Ending Mouseland

Seems even more true in the United States... This is worth watching.

It's the story of a place called Mouseland. Mouseland was a place where all the little mice lived and played, were born and died. And they lived much the same as you and I do. They even had a Parliament. And every four years they had an election.

Sick and Safe Time for All

Twin Ports DSA members gather before an Earned Sick and Safe Time task force hearing.

This is the stuff of basic community organizing, passing a city-wide earned sick and safe time ordinance that would apply to almost all workers. Currently close to half of Duluth workers do not have this basic benefit, so they have difficulty taking time off for a sick child, or even just to stay home so they don't spread whatever crud they have to the rest of the world. 

As expected, the business "community" has been howling, but it still looks like this could pass. It will not be a super strong ordinance. Workers will earn up to 40 hours max of paid leave annually, which, as one city councilor pointed out last night, is hardly enough to cover a bout of the flu. He also reminded us that most countries provide this benefit at the national level through their equivalent of social security, which is what we should be working on.  

A Birthday in Minneapolis

My wife and I got to spend the weekend with our daughter and her boyfriend, sleeping on a not-so-comfortable air mattress. We celebrated my wife's birthday, and just had a good time in general. I, of course, took pictures. Here's one of their cats, who has a thing for the air mattress box. 


Keepo the cat on a cardboard box.

The Great Blog Transfer

If you are reading this that means I have succeeded in attracting at least one person to read this new blog. Squarespace dutifully sucked over all my posts from Wordpress, but left the scattered likes and the occasional spam comment behind. 

Next up, posting an image linked from my online stash. 

The friendly but a little pushy sheep of Seven Story Farm. Belle Plain, MN.

The 20 Minute Run-Walk

Okay, this is more or less the simplest exercise you can do, mentally and physically, if your legs are more or less ok. It provides just enough aerobic exercise, and most importantly, it doesn't leave you with the burned out "I never want to do that again" feeling that straight running does. Here's the trick: You run for a minute, then you walk for a minute. Repeat ten times. That's it. Forever. You don't bother with increasing your time or distance or interval spacing. Keep it simple. The goal is to get out there and do it. As you increase your aerobic capacity you will find yourself running a little faster. That's good. If you start off with the smallest of shuffles for the running that's fine.

You should find that you become a little short of breath during the running sections. That's what you want, just not too much. I use an app on my Apple Watch called Intervals to help me keep track, and it shows that my heart rate gets up to around 150 or more towards the end of the workout. You can also use it on your phone, or just look at a regular watch and keep track in your head.

Even doing this only twice a week helps. No need to do it every day, but I suspect four to five times a week is ideal.

A runner enjoys the Western Waterfront Trail. He didn't walk. 

Night in Duluth

Another Roll of Film

Finally got back few scanned images from some film, with a couple good ones. I'm happy with this, my wife and daughter...

Black and White