The World Can't Wait

Ok, we couldn't wait a long time ago, but better late than never. Time to start a drive to bring down the Bush regime. Tomorrow, November 2. Here's more, from a Znet article:

On November 2, people in 67 cities, 43 colleges and universities, and 90 high schools (at last count) are walking out of school and work and demonstrating to drive out the Bush regime.

This will be the first major proclamation of an unprecedented and urgently needed social movement in this country: a movement aimed - not at this or that policy - but directly at driving out a regime.

The past week underscored just why a whole new level of opposition – this movement to Drive Out the Bush Regime - is needed, now! In the face of setbacks like the Miers withdrawal, Libby's indictment, global condemnation of US torture policy, the ongoing bloodbath in Iraq, and plummeting poll numbers, Bush nominates a far right winger to the Supreme Court.