Dear Diary

Dear Diary, Today I sit here listening to Bach, or to someone playing Bach on a cello in 1995, streamed through the internet to my computer in December of 2016, as we are about to enter the Trump era, and I’m drinking Earl Grey tea. I’m listening to Bach because a writer I know mentioned that he listens to Bach to set the mood, and I figure I’ll try any sort of gimmick. The thing about some classical, even Bach cello sonatas, is that if you really listen to it the drama sounds a little overdone, almost comical. Is it really so different from Guns and Roses? I never liked that band, trying so hard to recycle the 70’s. What is the German expression, sturm und drang?

Okay, I switched to jazz and so far much better. Something about the swing makes me more energetic. But I’ll have to avoid the experimental, atonal stuff.

So, Trump. What the fuck is that about? I know, white working class…. Stupid elitist Hillary campaign, Debbie Wasserman Shultz, low voter turnout, uninspired voters, no real message, killing off Bernie, and of course Debbie Wasserman Shultz. But Donald Fucking Dumbfuck Dickwad Trump? We shall see. Sturm und drang.