Vegan Cooking, Homeless Bill of Rights, City Council

Dear Diary, I’m not sure why I started this “diary” conceit, but it does put me into a more relaxed, informal mood where I don’t feel the need to pontificate to the masses quite as much. Just write and see what comes.

Wild rice and mushrooms for dinner tonight, along with baked squash. Very seasonal. Back to eating mostly vegan, at least until Christmas gets closer. I have no problem eating vegan, but switching back and forth is not easy and if I want to ensure a good result, it requires a good recipe. Vegan cooking takes more work, at least if you want it to taste good. There’s no real vegan equivalent to roast chicken.

Last night Mary and I attended a City Council meeting in support of a homeless bill of rights. They are mostly in favor. One councilor even said that a homeless person had been living on the roof of his house (he lives in a flat-roofed building). He also said that he helped another person build a structure under a nearby freeway. They all agreed that the bill of rights was just a start to what is needed, namely a comprehensive plan to eliminate homelessness.

Here's a photo I happen to have of City Hall, on the left, behind the tree...

In other news, well, I’m not going to write about other news. Sometimes it feels worth it, sometimes not.