Standing Rock and NASA

Dear Diary,  

Not much to say today. The good people of Standing Rock are still fighting evil. The North Dakota governor, in support of evil, has made it illegal to bring in supplies this winter to help the protesters. They won’t stop you, but you might get a $1000 fine if you do. The police have been hired by evil to protect the assets that supposedly belong to evil, and to make sure this evil project is completed.

I suppose you could argue that the word “evil” is overstatement, and overused. After all, the pipeline will only carry what will be refined and pumped into our cars, even our fuel efficient little hybrids, so what is so evil about that? But there is no doubt that it is wrong in the purest sense, no matter how normalized this whole process has become. Burn oil, don’t think about it. Ship oil, don’t think about it. Pipe oil, don’t think about it. Don’t think. The people of Standing Rock are asking us to pay attention, and to think. That is hard, and we aren’t used to it.

Climate scientists at Nasa project that we are in for some grim times if we don’t totally change how we do things. The truth is we might be screwed already, but there are degrees of badness when it comes to climate change, and more importantly, how we react to it and share resources as problems become more severe. Standing Rock is just a tiny taste of what is to come. Choose the right side.